Basileo: Greek Myths seen with the eyes of a child!!

Let yourself be carried away by the fascinating world of Basileo, the little hero that will captivate children and adults!


Who defeated the Minotaur? Basileo.
And the Gorgon Medusa and the Cyclops Polyphemus? Basileo… and Basileo.
Who created the Trojan horse? Still Basileo.


But who, then, is Basileo?

Basileo iOS educational app Greek myths for children

A centaur, that’s who he is. Actually: a small upside down centaur, with the body of man and the head of a horse. And he is a hero, of course… the greatest hero of ancient Greece! … Do not tell Homer though, otherwise he will have to rewrite his poems all over again!

With this delicious educational App for iPad, children can discover the most important Greek myths in a fun and interactive way. Each page of the story can indeed be read in four different languages, heard by a narrator and animated with the children’s touch.

The beautiful hand-made illustrations and the original soundtrack will make reading time even more magical. Children never cease to be amazed by reading the stories, each time discovering new interactive games in every page. Learning new stories has never been so enjoyable!




Specific features of the App

Basileo and the Labyrinth” is the first episode of a saga of Greek myths.

It is an original work, loosely based on the Greek myth of “Theseus and the Minotaur”.
It is an interactive book and inside young readers can find:

  • A fairy tale, with texts in four languages ​​(Italian, English, French, Spanish).
  • The story read by a narrator in three different languages ​​(Italian , English, French… Spanish is coming soon!).
  • 23 beautiful colored illustrations.
  • An original soundtrack.
  • A series of animated games, through which children can interact with the characters and the different settings of the story.




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