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The start-up to create apps together… with no costs and sharing the revenues!


Did you know that Basileo was born on MakeItApp?


What is MakeItApp? is the first mobile platform to create apps together, for free and in revenue share. It is a meeting placer, where people with different talents and passions can unleash their creativity creating successful projects together.

The way it works is very simple:

  • Anyone can sign up and create a profile listing all his/her talents;
  • At this point the user can propose a project for an app that will be published on the platform with the help of an App Angel;
  • Once the project is published, the creator (Project Leader) opens up the positions for the expertise he/she is looking for (for instance a developer, a graphic designer, a translator, etc.), giving to each of them a percentage of the future revenues of the App;
  • The other registered users can apply for those positions, negotiating with the Project Leader on the percentages;
  • Once built, the Team can start with the development of the app, always with the support of the App Angel and of the technical tools provided by MakeItApp;
  • Once the App is created MakeItApp, as a publisher, will take care of the whole promotion and marketing aspects, to make the app visible in the immensity of the Store.



What advantages does MIA offer?

  • With MakeItApp the creation of an app does not imply any money expenditure: the only investment is your time and passion for what you are building, and a constant gain based on revenue sharing.
  • You can invest your talent, whichever it may be, in projects proposed by motivated and enthusiastic people who need your help to add value to their ideas. Alternatively, you can bring your project and find motivated people who decide to invest in it their time and their skills as much as you.
  • After the release of the App on the Store, the hardest job begins: an application alone is invisible in the immensity of the market and the promotion and marketing are two fundamental but strenuous activities. With MakeItApp, the Team is relieved from this task and can thus only work on the fun part: designing and creating new apps or updates.
  • MakeItApp has the same dynamics of a publisher. When they are released on the Stores, the Apps are not “alone”: every new App brings visibility to the others and can count on a structured network to start being successful.

On you can earn money with your genius and your skills, creating new apps for a huge audience. Choose the projects that you like, unleash your creativity, collaborate with other talents to realize the projects and make them become successful apps!


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